Pro Biz Services

pbs_imageProfessional Business Services is a one-stop solution for growing your business, saving money, and improving efficiency.

Professional Business Services, Inc (PBS) was the first company of the Edgar Allen Group to be established back in 1981 and it has continued as the EA Group’s flagship company.  It primarily provides accounting, payroll, tax prep, and business consulting services.  However, PBS also offers document preparation, property management, business start-up, and many other business services. Further, PBS is authorized to sell Pre-paid Legal Services’ membership plan.

From the outside PBS appears to be an accounting firm but it is far more than that.  First of all we’re not organized like a typical accounting firm where one accountant, typically a CPA, is assigned to a client and that accountant is expected to provide all services to the client whether he or she is good at it or not.  PBS uses a team approach whereby a bookkeeper, payroll specialist, business tax specialist and personal tax specialist work with one of our highly trained consultants to provide the requested services.  This keeps costs down and allows for any special situations to receive the special attention and expertise they deserve.  Unlike the typical CPA model, if a staff member should move, the client is not left to “train” the new accountant about the client’s needs and methods of operation.

Another way PBS is not like a typical CPA firm is the wide range of services we provide.  Yes, we do the bookkeeping, tax preparation, payroll and business consulting but we also help with business plans, government compliance, document preparation, credit repair, computers, investments, insurance, financing, marketing, and much, much more.  In this day and age, the right hand really must know what the left hand is doing otherwise savings generated by one strategy can quickly be negated by another.  We are wholistic in that we evaluate and advise on all aspects of business and our breadth of knowledge is extensive.